Blood is a vital and limited health care resource.

Inappropriate transfusion practices are common in hospitals. Not only does this put significant strains on Canada’s blood supply, but it also exposes patients to potential harm.

Using Blood Wisely is a national campaign to decrease inappropriate red blood cell transfusion practices in Canada.

Is your hospital using blood wisely?

Choosing Wisely Canada, Canadian Blood Services, and clinical experts have developed national benchmarks on transfusion appropriateness.  

Take our challenge to see how your hospital compares to benchmarks. The challenge involves conducting a spot audit of recent red blood cell transfusions in your hospital.

  • Meet benchmarks? Get designated as a “Using Blood Wisely Hospital” and recognized nationally.
  • Not quite there yet? Enrol in a quality improvement initiative proven to reduce inappropriate transfusions and qualify for designation upon meeting the benchmarks.
Take the Challenge

Benefits of participating.

  • Receive national recognition for your efforts and become a designated Using Blood Wisely Hospital.
  • Participation in this initiative can be acknowledged as an organizational quality improvement initiative by Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Program.

Upcoming Webinars:

Using Blood Wisely: Order Screening

Using Blood Wisely has developed tools and resources that can support your hospital’s implementation efforts to reduce inappropriate red blood cell transfusions. From guidelines to education modules, these interventions can help ensure your hospital processes reflect best practices.

Join our next webinar for an in-depth look at order screening. Guest speakers will include Crystal Brunk, Regional Transfusion Medicine Clinician PH​C, Vancouver Costal Health, and Amie Kron Clinical Research Coordinator, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre/START study, who will highlight their experiences implementing order screening, answer questions, and facilitate discussion with participants involved in the Using Blood Wisely campaign.

Register here:


Need more information?

In September, Choosing Wisely Canada and Canadian Blood Services held two launch events to highlight the steps of becoming a Using Blood Wisely Hospital. You can catch a recorded version of the September 30 webinar in case you missed it:

Download our information package to help you get started.

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